3 Stupid Things That Bloggers Advise About Blogging

When you’ve been with a personal blog for almost a decade, you realize how much nonsense is being said.

The worst of the advice that you can find in many blog today are those that at first glance seem to make sense. After almost a decade writing in this blog and being one of the first in Spanish writing about blogging, I return today one of the themes of my beginnings to eliminate some myths.

1. Do not have a single editorial error or nobody will read you

Possibly what I have been criticized the most in this blog are the spelling mistakes. Any blogger in his right mind recommends you do the opposite. Go back to read the post 3 or 4 times until you have detected the last tilde that was missing. If in the process you find even a space that was left over better than better.

Look, I’m going to tell you something that you’re not going to agree with either or even something of mine. But tell me one thing, please. Are the experiences that I share over the last 13 years of undertaking going to be affected by the lack of a tilde? Really, my Facebook Ads advice of what I have learned in the last 5 years will have less value for eating a letter? Come now!

2. A blog helps you create a personal brand

A blog helps you create a personal brand to all those who write about how to create a personal brand with a blog. I may even have said things years ago that point in that direction. With more entries and years in the back one can luckily change his mind because he is learning.

What helps you create a personal brand is your career. They are the things you do. Then you can create a blog to disseminate it. But to have a blog to create a personal brand is to start the house on the roof. It does not make any sense. Before talking about a subject you’ll have to show for years that you know how to do it. And then you tell it, if you want. That is what will help you create a sustainable person brand and that does not deflate with the minimum puncture.

3. To have a blog you have to know about SEO

One of the things that I’m putting my power in my new collection project is SEO. It would be an idiot not to do it. Every day millions of people search online for products that I can send home. Of course I move on social networks (recently I’ve added Instagram) but everything adds up. When you have ambitious goals it is not enough to do it with the minimum effort.

To have a blog you have to be willing. It can be quite frustrating to write and write and not receive feedback. I can understand it although for me it is no longer the main motivation. You have to have something to tell above all. Entertain, educate, advise, etc. if you can to the people who read you or who in the distant or near future will begin to do it.

SEO is not bad as a source of traffic but it is not the most important. To have desire, to be constant for a very long time and to contribute even if they are “nothing else” own experiences can compensate many things. Look at me. This is the anti-SEO blog … hahaha

Well, I’m not anti-SEO for the record, in fact I have to put the power with the theme a bit. The https has expired and I have not noticed. Let’s see when I get on with it …;)