Blogs to Avoid When We Send a Guest Post

We have recently seen how to look for opportunities to write our posts as a guest blogger in some relevant medium. Now touch to see the other side of the coin, that is to say what blogs we have to avoid if we want to write guest post and also that we are profitable.

We may be tempted to send requests to any site that we see related to our theme, our strengths or what we want to sell (which is the main thing, almost always). However, if we do so, without any care and no scruples, what was initially going to be a great opportunity to achieve relevance and visibility can become irrelevant content in a platform that goes unnoticed.

Signs that indicate a dispensable blog

Do not send content to where they accept anything that enters, nor to those blogs that do not have a clear audience, or specific objectives, or even editorial line.

  • Do not send your content to sites with poor design, a confusing structure, bad interface, or that offer a poor experience to your visitors. Neither is sites saturated with advertising, because that distorts the experience and makes navigation confusing.
  • A blog without contact information is not very reliable.
  • If you do not have any activity on social networks, you do not have to have a large community. However, there are exceptions, such as blogs that have a large audience, but their authors deny social networks.
  • If you have duplicate content, posts of little interest, poorly edited and outdated, if the requirements to accept guest posts can be met by anyone or if you have been previously penalized, it is not worth the effort.
  • If the blog is not updated periodically, or if it does not receive comments, or people share its contents or worse, if it is a site where users can upload content without the supervision of a human, it escapes quickly.