How to Look For Opportunities For a Guest Post

The invited posts (or the invited signature, special editor, or whatever you are called according to the place and time) are a great opportunity for authors who want to promote their content and publicize their expertise in a specific area. These are pieces of text that provide great value and, what is more interesting for the author, visibility in a wider audience environment than in the one he or she usually lives in, or, for the host, relevance due to the notoriety of the person signing.

However, everything that glitters is not gold, and if we want to take advantage of the advantages that would appear to us as a guest blogger in a medium of great relevance, we must attend to a series of rules, or as I like to call them, keys to find a good opportunity as a guest blogger.

  1. Investigate the credentials of the blog where you want to write your guest post. It is interesting to know if the blog is updated frequently, if it has a good pagerank and if it has a large community, comments and, above all, if many contents of the publication are shared.
  2. A lot of movement in social networks and many subscribers are a good sign. With the guest post you intend to have the maximum possible exposure, so the more you move the contents in your community pages and the more people receive updates via subscription, the better.
  3. Try to investigate the reputation of the blog. We talk about checking the quality of the comments (if the community gets involved and adds value, or if spam “leaks” by the ton), check if the guests of the past had a good reputation, or rather accept anyone in any way, and also find out who is behind the blog, and if it really is worth it and seems serious.
  4. The quality of the blog is important. If you publish good material, worked and interesting, that contributes value … it is interesting. If it is a compendium of invited posts of any kind, unoriginal news and almost no content of its own, it is not worth it.
  5. Take advantage of knowing the success keywords of the blog. If you write content for a blog, and you focus on telling something original and interesting about a keyword that is strong, you’ll get a lot of advantage. First, because you add value to the site and reinforce that keyword; Second, because you will benefit from a large amount of “referral” traffic that will gain relevance in the medium term.
  6. Aim high: knock on the doors of the 10 most relevant blogs of the niche that interests you. If you cannot access them, try the recommended blogs in one of that Top 10.

You can also be interested in if, after all, the referring blog searches for regular collaborators. In this way, if you manage to write a guest post and continue with the collaboration, you will exponentially increase your relevance, the visibility of your content and you will have achieved the main objective, plus a good extra bonus.