The Value of a Link (or Why The Link Building Does Not Work Well)

At the dawn of the Web, when still almost nobody had a page, and when there were no blogs, the link served to make a reference to another document. At that time it was called hyperlink (hyperlink or hyperlink in Spanish), but it soon lost the prefix “hyper”. Simply, and without major implications, the links completed the content of a website with suggestions for content that could or could not be part of the web. This was told by Tim Berners-Lee with very good judgment in the year 1997 (if you love the history of the web, click on the previous link because you will enjoy), what has been the prehistory, almost, of the current Internet.

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Black Hat SEO: What You Should NEVER do in Web Positioning

It is well known that one of the tools to make our website or online store visible is search engine positioning. This is to improve the visibility of our website in search engines through SEO techniques, such as generating quality content or generating web traffic. These techniques will help us to position ourselves in the different search engines, especially in Google (which is used 90% of the time).

There are many web pages that are based on these SEO techniques to position themselves in search engines, based on the guidelines that Google uses according to their algorithms. But there are other websites that apply other techniques hidden and not accepted by the search engine. These techniques are what are called Black Hat SEO and, generally, can become counterproductive for our positioning.

Then I leave some of the techniques that you should flee to not penalize the positioning of your site:

Spamming Keywords:

This technique, penalized by the algorithm of Google Penguin 2.0, seeks to incorporate the largest number of keywords in the content of a web page. For example:

“SEO is good, that’s why SEO should be applied. Google likes SEO, that’s why SEO is good. It is important to have SEO on our website and apply SEO”

Although search engines are currently working to detect when a phrase is not well structured, in general terms the density of keywords in a text should be between 3% and 12%. When this percentage is exceeded, Google will penalize the website, pushing back positions in the search engine.

Hidden text:

This technique consists of including hidden content in the website, putting the letters of the same color as the background. Thus, the search engine considers that the text belongs to the website, but the visitor can not read it. Currently, spammers use CSS to hide the text or add attributes to hide the content. Even so, search engines can detect it at once, instantly penalizing these web pages.

These two are just some of the many techniques not recommended to position your website. To learn more, do not hesitate to visit SubmitLeader’s Blog , the source of this post.

It is important to verify the techniques used in your online positioning, since if you do any of these activities, Google will penalize you.

What do you think of Black SEO? Thanks for sharing!

5 Linkbuilding Tips For SEO Positioning

The Linkbuilding (literally link building) has been and remains very important to give value to your website. It is a strategy of optimizing internal and external links of a web page, with the aim of obtaining a good positioning in the search engines. This strategy is to get important websites that may be related to your page include links to your website, using optimal keywords. Linkbuilding is a very good way to get better positioning in search engines, because your page gets a vote every time another site links to you, offering you more visibility in the search engines. Doing it well requires a good strategy and takes a lot of time and research.

Last April, Google implemented a robot called Google Penguin. This one detects in the pages the links of low quality and with the backlinks of doubtful reputation, the pages on optimized (that is to say with too many links) and the techniques ‘Black hat’ (manipulation of searchers).

Here are some simple tips for you to do a good Linkbuilding:

1. – Create natural links to your page by publishing content as a guest on other pages or inviting others to publish in yours. The best way is choosing pages that have more traffic than yours.

2. – Choose a text for your Anchor Text (the text that you put to the link) original and not repeat.

3. – Publish very interesting content such as videos, blog entries, infographics or presentations in a way that encourages other people to link to their pages, that is, what we call Link Bait .

4. – Look at the links strategies of the competition. Use tools such as Open Site Explorer. With it you get information about the links, the Anchor and the authority where each link is located.

5. – Create a linkbuilding strategy, choosing carefully the pages in which you want to put your links and book a couple of hours a week in your calendar. It is a slow process but with results.

SEO Tips to Make Good Web Structure of Your Site

Is web structure so important for SEO positioning? During the course of this post you will discover why it is important, not only for the search engines, but also for the user experience that, after all, is the most relevant for our brand.

Know our market

As a good SEO project, the first thing we have to know is what the market demands from us. And is that without knowing what the user demands us, how can we meet their needs? The best method to know what our potential users request is through an exhaustive Keyword Research.

For this there are different tools that can help us make the perfect Keyword Research to get the most out of our web structure. The most popular and best known is the Google Keyword Planner, through which we have the possibility to segment the data by country, languages, for the different months of the year to know its seasonality, etc. On the other hand, as we explained above, there are different alternative tools to the Keyword Planner so as not to fail in our web structure.

What should be taken into account to carry out a correct web structure?
Once we know what our potential users demand and how, we can start to dedicate our time to think about the best strategy to make the best web structure of our site . For this, there are different factors to consider:

Intuitive and easy

The first step for a web structure to be efficient for the user and for crawlers is to make it intuitive and easy to navigate. For this you have to know our product well and know how we are going to offer it to our user. After all, what we want is that our user does not have to think if clicking on that link will go to the desired page, but on the contrary, you have to be sure, almost without thinking, that this link leads to your wish.

Few clicks per user

It is really important that, no matter how big our web page is, a user can reach any level of that site in just 3 clicks, at most 4. This is a key factor so that the user is not navigating for a long time to reach their destination and it is also important for the search engines to “crawl” the entire site in the shortest time possible and in an orderly manner.

Different categories

We recommend, before starting the construction of our site, to plan our products in different categories. The more segmented, the better, since the user will have the contents exposed in a more visual way and where it will be easier to reach their destination in a much faster way, offering a better experience.

For this reason, and with the previously carried out Keyword Research, we will be able to know the different keywords for each one of our categories and thus satisfy the needs of the users in a precise way.

Duplicate content

However, we must bear in mind that, for many categories that we have, these have to be unique and relevant. However segmented we want to have our products, it is not advisable to have pages that contain similar products because, in this way, we will be offering duplicate content, both for the user and for the crawlers.

Other important features to consider

Relevant content

Not only the duplication of content is important, having pages with irrelevant content makes the quality of our site less. That is why we have to cover our pages with content that really adds relevance to our users and who, in this way, decide to consume our products.

Internal linking

Taking advantage of the aforementioned relevant content, it is time to add an internal link that will favor the user’s experience (showing similar or complementary products to the one we are exposing) and the crawler (providing greater notoriety in those links that we consider most important).

Unique URLs

At this point we focus on improving the “experience of the crawlers” since each of our URLs contains a different product and that is why we want the crawlers to have the “biggest idea” of the content of the page. To select each of the URLs we must take into account the main keyword of the page, previously extracted from the Keyword Research.

Mobile Friendly

Something obvious, but still not given the importance it requires. More than 60% of Google searches are done from mobile devices. That is why we have to adapt our sites to the smallest devices and take into account also if we believe that our pages are AMP or WPA (If you still know what these terms mean, you can know what is the AMP or what are the PWA by clicking on the links).

WPO: https and site speed

To conclude, we must dedicate a small section to our beloved WPO. It is vital to have a website with the https protocol since, as of July, these pages will be shown as unsafe places to navigate , in addition to indirectly affecting our positioning in the SERPS.

And what about the speed of our website? It is useless to have the best web structure if a user is not able to reach any point of the web in a few seconds. Every tenth of a second counts, and not only for the user’s experience, but also for the positioning of our site in the SERPS.

So here are some tips for before, during and after making a web structure. As an online marketing agency, we are dedicated to making the most of all the opportunities offered by the search engines so that our projects obtain the greatest possible visibility. If you feel that your project has not yet started, contact our SEO team so we can help you reach your goals online!