The Importance of Links in SEO

With the beginning of 2014 Google prepares us for new surprises, although the importance of the links will continue to be the key to positioning well. This will remain the key for many years to achieve the best results in the most used search engine in the world.

From here is when many keys are raised: what if the anchor text, what if the content surrounding the link, what if the social networks or the proportion of follow / nofollow; but the key is still the link.

Therefore, we are going to make a classification of the three most interesting types of links for the year 2014. We already know that the anchor text has to be varied and these will be the pillars on which we will build our building.

Links of anchor text type web address

Are those in which the URL itself is present in it? For example for the website of My Pets on pet’s nutrition, the links would be of the type or

Any of this type of web addresses, with or without www, with or without http: // will serve to identify and thereby get an adequate percentage of this type of links.

Because this is a fundamental part of any Internet positioning and without these links it is tremendously difficult to achieve a good result. In my case I combine.

There are also other types of sites that allow the use of appropriate names, although in this case they will be in subdomains and their strength will not be as much that of the domain as they present themselves.

One of these cases is the one of and yes they pass force of dominion in others like when situating the name in a folder, with what the force that can have the main dominion is expands to a greater or lesser extent each of the first level folders, in this case for brown abel.

Links of web name

The name of the website is also fundamental. Mas Llombart is a restaurant house for weddings in Barcelona. For this reason, you are interested in positioning for keywords such as wedding banquets or Masias for weddings.

The fact is that abusing that type of keywords can get the opposite effect to the desired and stay out of the position we want. Therefore, the most recommendable thing is to have a good baggage of words like Mas Llombart, Masía Mas Llombart or even Mas Llombart wedding banquets in Barcelona, Mas Llombart or masía for Mas Llombart weddings.

So for now we have the words concerning the URL and the words that correspond to the name of the page. This way we get a multiplicity of links with different anchor text not related to our keyword or at most, partially related.

Links without anything to do with the keywords

Before Panda and Penguin it was not strange that if we wanted to position words related to a certain topic we would flee from anything that was not that topic. Today we are recommended from the SEO agencies that we do the opposite, that is, we vary the anchor text with words not related to our thematic field.

For example, for it is convenient to use, Aigen Digital Marketing, but also expressions like click here, web page or link.

In this way a greater variety is achieved that must be combined with other words directly related: SEO, SEM, web development or digital marketing agency, but which must be in a much lower proportion.