Why Is Not a Lot of Content Enough?

The process of creating great content is complex and involves a great effort in multiple areas: documentation, writing itself, sticking to an editorial line and a corporate identity, where appropriate, … Create a piece of unique content, quality, suggestive, interesting and, in short, good is a process that demands effort. And many professionals stay at that point, with the “creature” just published, and do nothing else thinking that good content always triumphs, even if it is not promoted… And fail.

A good content can make their way by itself if it is good enough and if converge a number of special conditions, that some call luck. If the content becomes visible in some way and other people begin to share it , to approve it, to comment it, to analyze it, it will be a success, but if not, it will be forgotten and there will be no greater repercussions, nor will there be a return or any profitability.

In the previous paragraph we have some clues to follow to find the keys to the success of a great content, but before we have to reflect on a topic: sometimes a mediocre content, from our point of view or taking into account the time and effort of creation (scarce both) has a global success, while a content in depth, of those that Google wants to begin to reward effectively, sinks into the limb of the results pages, without even interactions.

The great content is just the beginning

If parts of the base that your content is of high quality because you perform a complete and comprehensive process when creating it, you should not let your chances die by not doing these steps that we will see below. Nobody leaves their children alone once they have become moderately self-sufficient, but we worry that they will follow the path, to encourage them in their path, to make them exploit their full potential and not remain in a deadlock.

Optimize content

The great content must be optimized. We already know that content is what it is depending on the channel through which it is going to be distributed, and it is not the same to optimize text, as images or video. In any case, the content must be optimized and the best known example for all is to use a correct “title” and “meta description” that accurately describe the content we are going to enjoy. If it does not reflect what we are going to see, the reader will not browse our page; if it is incorrect we will get an immediate “bounce”. The best thing is to invest time in designing a text that is a perfect synthesis of what the reader is going to find.

Promote content

Use Social Media , your blog, make a podcast, issue a press release, send a newsletter to your subscribers, … You have to make your contents known or they will not leave your circle of trust, but you have to stand out from the competition .

Distribution of contents

By distribution we do not understand to take the contents to a recipient (well, it is understood, but it is not what we are talking about now). It is understood that distributing the contents means:

  • Take advantage of that content to make a series of related posts on your blog.
  • Divide the longer and elaborated content into various schematic parts and publish, for example, a SlideShare presentation.
  • Make a podcast to expand information and provide additional analysis.
  • Draw conclusions to communicate on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Create a webinar on the subject in question;
  • Write a related ebook

Link Building

Although we always say that link building is a delicate tool, it is interesting to pay some attention to it. You just have to take into account the basic reasons why it did not work until now.