Blogs to Avoid When We Send a Guest Post

We have recently seen how to look for opportunities to write our posts as a guest blogger in some relevant medium. Now touch to see the other side of the coin, that is to say what blogs we have to avoid if we want to write guest post and also that we are profitable.

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Why Is Not a Lot of Content Enough?

The process of creating great content is complex and involves a great effort in multiple areas: documentation, writing itself, sticking to an editorial line and a corporate identity, where appropriate, … Create a piece of unique content, quality, suggestive, interesting and, in short, good is a process that demands effort. And many professionals stay at that point, with the “creature” just published, and do nothing else thinking that good content always triumphs, even if it is not promoted… And fail.

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The Value of a Link (or Why The Link Building Does Not Work Well)

At the dawn of the Web, when still almost nobody had a page, and when there were no blogs, the link served to make a reference to another document. At that time it was called hyperlink (hyperlink or hyperlink in Spanish), but it soon lost the prefix “hyper”. Simply, and without major implications, the links completed the content of a website with suggestions for content that could or could not be part of the web. This was told by Tim Berners-Lee with very good judgment in the year 1997 (if you love the history of the web, click on the previous link because you will enjoy), what has been the prehistory, almost, of the current Internet.

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How to Look For Opportunities For a Guest Post

The invited posts (or the invited signature, special editor, or whatever you are called according to the place and time) are a great opportunity for authors who want to promote their content and publicize their expertise in a specific area. These are pieces of text that provide great value and, what is more interesting for the author, visibility in a wider audience environment than in the one he or she usually lives in, or, for the host, relevance due to the notoriety of the person signing.

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3 Stupid Things That Bloggers Advise About Blogging

When you’ve been with a personal blog for almost a decade, you realize how much nonsense is being said.

The worst of the advice that you can find in many blog today are those that at first glance seem to make sense. After almost a decade writing in this blog and being one of the first in Spanish writing about blogging, I return today one of the themes of my beginnings to eliminate some myths.

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Why Writing Guest Posts on Third-Party Blogs Helps You Grow Faster

Writing for others can be a faster way to take your blog to the next level. Guest posts help you get more visibility by posting through the featured sites in your niche.

This seems to be getting more and more complicated. First I tell you that you have to publish constantly on the blog and now you also have to write for others. Without charging for it, of course. Nobody has said that it would be easy but for those who endure it will be worth it.

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