Quantity or Quality in an SEO Project

The relative importance of quantity and quality in an SEO project

Web positioning projects often focus on some aspects such as getting many keywords among the first twenty, having a wide range of keywords or looking for elements in which quantity is the basis of the work.

On the other hand we have another type of options in which the casuistry comes to show us that the 80/20 rule can be a valid example on how to work in SEO.


It is possible that 80% of the benefits are taken by 20% of the keywords positioned. It is a case similar to what happens with catering, with gourmet dishes or with restaurants. Better a large or small and specialized letter?

The big question in marketing, in economics, has often been: quantity or quality?

We have the answer in catering gourmet madrid, cornerstone of those who want to obtain a wide ratio in the field of catering and geolocated in Madrid, together with gourmet Madrid, the other piece to complete the winning couple.

Better quantity or quality? In the case of gourmet catering is clear.

Starting from a premise: you have to get benefits

If we start from that premise we have to take into account a very important factor: if 20% of the keywords generate 80% of the business and those keywords have a wide possibility of improvement, we may be wasting resources to grow where not they are going to bring us no benefit while we let out highly interesting opportunities.

Are we going to bet on the amount or are we going to focus on the quality? It is the same as when buying a leather bag.

Leather bags can be cheap or expensive depending on the material and brand.

We go from SEO Total to analyze these types of actions and see how we can dramatically improve our results thanks to targeting where is the intrinsic value of the products that we intend to maximize profits thanks to online marketing.

For this we observe some elements of positioning like Tumblr.

The 80/20 rule applied to web positioning

Let’s take as an example a law firm in Marbella. This law firm of Malaga specializes in the claim of the floor clause and therefore in offering services.

From this data we can intuit that if we have a territorialized area such as the province of Malaga or the Costa del Sol it may be a good idea to bet on placing more keywords on the first two pages, as shown by the SEMRush data, best.

The key is that possibly a large percentage of the real traffic coming from SEO of some websites is not uniform but there are some keywords that take 80% of that traffic.

With localized and optimized traffic generating conversions is much easier than without a traffic that is qualified.

The application of the theorem to online stores

For example, in an online trade, if we have 200 products in the top 100 bucks, 60% of the traffic is taken by the Samsung Galaxy, which is ranked 11th in Google, creating a horizontal growth strategy may not be appropriate.

In this case put all the meat on the spit and try to upload the keyword Samsung Galaxy Notepro 12.2 “… until the first page and then up to the first five positions could be the most appropriate.

In addition, with this strategy we could grow by branches, positioning keywords of its shorter family such as Samsung Galaxy Notepro, Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Galaxy 32GB Black, so that in addition to the vertical growth and safe increase of reported benefits we would be facing widespread growth in number positioned.

The consequence is that all this would also benefit the increase of keywords through anchor text variations for a single reference keyword.

A good field: when there are few keywords

In the case of the online computer store and that of other online businesses, getting this type of information is marked to a large extent by the ability to generate business through this type of positioning.

Obviously, a lot of traffic does not help us, it does not entail a clear benefit and this happens not a few times with big websites and multiple keywords, so we have to fine-tune the shot, as in the case of the Madrid offices specialized in labor counseling.

We will see from seototal some essential questions sen SEO to generate benefits.

Focus on profitable keywords

A company focused on certain keywords is Bonsai Dinero to market cheap online credits for small amounts to be returned in a short time.

 Bonsai Dinero positions for a multitude of words, but again its center of expansion and growth, as we had seen previously, should focus on some such as immediate personal credits.

In your case it is clear, there are many keywords, but what happens when there is no where to choose? For example, we can look for a better criminal lawyer in Sevilla or labor lawyers in Valladolid.

The reality is that this search will generate very little potential traffic, for being generous, so the key will be to look for a lawyer, grenade lawyers and from there to become strong in those keywords.

When there are no words related to the product

There are areas where searches are minimal, do not compensate for the benefit obtained or do not exist directly because there is no traffic.

Purchasing cans of sardines in Bembibre (León) has no searches, so although we are a Bembibre store that sells sardine cans we should consider the search.

Another example we have it in adjustable fabrics cem textile.

Here nothing sticks or tails, so the most useful thing would be to look for items related to specific products more general or with the closest object, such as bed covers online.

Something interesting we saw in the article on construction, reforms and rehabilitation that we did in seototal.

The keys to effective SEO

The main key is to find the right keyword to maximize the relative traffic interested in a product that we have available to the visitor.

For an online loan website with asnef and without guarantees you can achieve really interesting things by positioning yourself for online credits.

Offer the maximum detailed information such as in credit.profiles.express is an inbound marketing strategy that is launched once the visitor has reached the web and becomes a potential customer.

With this the world of loans offers different levels of monetization and manages to make an important gap in the online world of service sales.

SEO for self-employed professionals

Another example is that of a personal trainer who has a website to promote his business as a freelancer.

Barcelona, ​​which has a quite restricted scope but at the same time with a high volume of potential clients, can position profitable websites by personal trainer or personal trainer in Barcelona, ​​or even by related words as a nutritionist and achieve a sufficient balance of potential clients.

 It is also interesting to see that there is a relationship in international SEO as with Bonsai Finance which also has its relationship in Spain with Bonsai Dinero for fast online credits.

In short, consult with our specialist in web positioning; perform a good job of market research that involves an analysis of the competition.

Another case is the protective relays testing of smcint.com in the United States with current transformeer testing as keywords and the key to manage resources well only to position in quantity.

The basis is to generate the quality that will often be the key link in the chain that will lead us to success when we talk about online marketing and business.