Once you have decided to optimize your website for the search engines you must consider the following pertinent issue before taking the next step:

Who is the right Offshore Search Engine Optimization partner for you? This involves a thorough evaluation of SEO companies/ consultants.

There are a number of SEO consultants out there who claim to give number one ranking or instant top results in all the major search engines and their communication has the following flavor “guaranteed Top rank in 2 weeks” but think twice before choosing your Offshore SEO partner.

Many feel that simply identifying and putting the keywords into the HTML tags is the only task that an SEO company needs to do. But a real SEO partner needs to do much more.

The steps to evaluate your Offshore Search Engine Optimization Partner comprises of:

  1. Skill and competence evaluation, which includes:

  • Research Capability: Are they able to identify your target audience and henceforth the keywords they will be looking for? What tools or practices will they use for identifying keywords?
  • Search Engine Awareness: Which all search engines are they considering during SEO? Make sure they optimize your website keeping in mind the most commonly used search engines and not the smaller search engines.
  • Link Building Skills: How will they take care of links? Make sure they don’t go for building link farms just for the sake of giving links on your site.
  • Inorganic SEO Skills: Are they planning to optimize your website for paid inclusions (like PPC) as well? If yes, how well can they manage these?
  • Competition Research and analysis: How will my site do with respect to my competitors after SEO? Will the SEO consultants also take into consideration the practices adopted by your competitors who have higher ranking in search engine results?
  • Fair Play: What all care do they take while doing SEO? E.g. do they make use of doorway pages for getting top ranking, as the sites using such pages will be banned, once they are identified by the search engines.
  • Learning organization: How frequent is their updation of SEO practices? Is it in compliance with the frequency with which search engines change their algorithms?
  1. Business Compatibility evaluation, which includes:

  • Flexibility and Ownership: Is your SEO partner willing to take the responsibility of the initiative? Is the partner flexible and willing to understand your business issues?
  • Market Knowledge: Does the partner understand the cultural issues of your market and target audience? Does the partner have experience and presence in your market/ country?
  • Infrastructure and Resources: Does your SEO partner have the requisite resource and the desired infrastructure required to execute your plan?

Your website’s success finally depends on your website optimization which in turn depends on your making the correct choice of your Offshore SEO partner. So instead of jumping to conclusions on meeting the first SEO consultant or company around, first evaluate them.

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