Why Writing Guest Posts on Third-Party Blogs Helps You Grow Faster

Writing for others can be a faster way to take your blog to the next level. Guest posts help you get more visibility by posting through the featured sites in your niche.

This seems to be getting more and more complicated. First I tell you that you have to publish constantly on the blog and now you also have to write for others. Without charging for it, of course. Nobody has said that it would be easy but for those who endure it will be worth it.

Guest posts have their roots in the American blogosphere

In the United States the tactic of “guest posting” is much more common and popular among bloggers than it is for the moment in Spain. Apart from being a smaller community here, there seems to be less camaraderie among those who form the blogosphere in this country. We get confused when we think in terms of competition. Aligning yourself with the strongest blog in your niche gives you many more advantages than disadvantages.

Blogs and portals that are open to invited posts within the world of online marketing and entrepreneurs are Puromarketing , Wwwhatsnew , Loogic and Todostartups among others. In case of doubt you can always ask.

7 Reasons to Write Guest Posts When You Start Blogging

If you have not considered writing for others until now, you may change your mind. Creating content and then not being published on the blog itself may seem difficult to imagine. When you see the advantages of the first guest post you have written, you will begin to write for others on a frequent basis.

  1. You improve the SEO: if you are one of those who are obsessed with SEO this you will like. When you publish a post, they usually allow you to add a link to your own blog. Given that normally it is interesting to publish in blogs that already have authority; this link can be very valuable to improve your positioning in Google.
  2. New visits to the blog: the link that can be included in the blog does not only help you improve SEO. Direct effects are direct visits to your own website. Normally there is usually a peak at the beginning that goes down over time. There are also cases in which a post is positioned between the top positions in Google and sends more traffic with time than at the beginning.
  3. Improves online reputation: not all proposed posts are accepted. If they publish you, it is a criterion of quality as bloggers on the subject. Publishing to a well-known website helps you improve your online reputation as you enter a “select and exclusive club” of authors who have had the right to publish on the reference website.
  4. You get new followers: each post is usually accompanied by 2 or 3 lines about the author. Typically deliver directly with the post. Here you can include one or several profiles of social networks. Another positive effect is the coverage your post receives through social networks. The links are usually accompanied by the author’s profile.
  5. Establish a relationship with the blogger: when you start these alone. It does not hurt to get help from time to time from someone who already has more audience than you. Establishing a relationship with a well-known blogger can help you achieve surprising benefits such as mention in posts or tweets although there are no guarantees for it.
  6. You receive new invitations in other blogs: a greater visibility also opens doors in other blogs that directly might not have answered you. Offers may be posted for guest posts from sites you did not expect.
  7. Business or work opportunities: you would not be the first person to get a business or job offer through a post. Going out on third-party blogs with a larger audience allows you to multiply by x your audience with a single entry and get visibility in front of people who may require your knowledge.

Convinced? Like everything in life, it’s a matter of trying it.